A rubber strap for my Milgauss

I love my Milgauss bracelet but in the hot season is not necessarily the most wearable piece of jewellery especially in a sweaty summer.

I then decided to go for a rubber band. After a few pieces of research and suggestions from the member of the Superlativo Rolex Club, I decided to go for the Everest rubber strap.

The company is specialized in high-quality straps and has a vast catalogue of option. I went for the black version.

You just need a standard screwdriver for the screws and a spring bar remover. 10 minutes later there you go…

Summer ready Milgauss!



nice indeed, does it fit the 114060 as well?

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beautiful … maybe in matching blue ?

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Green was my first choice but I wanted to stay generic, at least for the first :slight_smile:


I always prefer the bracelet, both for winter and summer!


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