Tag Heuer - Heathens Delight or Second-hand Sleeper?

As a student, money is sadly not something I’m particularly well endowed with. So, when it comes to looking for a new watch, the options available to me are…limited.

When it comes to watches in general, I look for three things: Brand, Movement, and Aesthetics. Brands that I feel would qualify for those attributes would be the likes of Omega, Breitling, Cartier, Tudor (although I do find them a little banal)…and then there’s Tag Heuer.

Tag has been a brand that has confused me for quite a while now; with huge historical prowess in watchmaking and racing, you’d have thought they would be trading blows with the likes of Omega without any sweat. Or at least they would be had their marketing team weren’t a bunch of dimwitted troglodytes.

Rather than making themselves synonymous with racing (I guess they tried with the Red Bull F1
team), they instead find brand ambassadors like Cristiano Ronaldo, Cara Delevinge, and David Guetta. Who are they trying to sell these watches to? 10-year-olds?

So, in light of the brands less than tasteful representation, when I find a calibre 17 Monaco for less than 2K on Chrono24, it makes me think twice. What do you guys think, should I save up for one of the other aforementioned brands? Or buy a Monaco, and just pretend that Tag never bought Heuer?


Hi Arthur,

and thanks for posting such an interesting topic.

I personally love the brand and believe they need somehow to clarify their mission statement.

My suggestion is the following: go for a Blue Calibre 11 Monaco, you won’t be disappointed.

Just try it on before you’re going to buy it, much depend on your wrist’s size. Also, they’re currently selling at very affordable prices, especially if you opt for a near mint piece.

Let’s check what our friends from overseas, like @paxtaru for instance, do think about it too.


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IMO, if you have tried it on and love the timepiece then go for it. I agree about your sentiments on a confused marketing scheme, but in my opinion ultimately spending money on a luxury item is about treating yourself.
If the representation of a brand is something you think and care about, then you can definitely save up and wait to get a Speedy or other more prestigious brands. Once you start setting a goal and work towards it, you’d be surprised on how soon you will reach that goal.


Hi guys,

A calibre 11 would be great, but I think Fausto might accuse me of coping him!

Although, a Breitling Navitimer is only £1000 more than the cheapest calibre 11 I could find…hmm.

Maybe I’ll wait until my placement year!


Well, they are pretty different Arthur, imo.

The square case can be hardly replaced with a round one, and vice versa. But I agree they can both compete with each other, if you’re looking to just buying one.

You are right with the Navitimer, especially if you’re lucky enough to get one with the latest in-house movement at such a great price. Check this out, for example (it’s a double chrono):

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Whilst I certainly don’t disagree in their case differences, they do both fit my three requirements (brand, movement and aesthetics) despite having completely different designs.

Both have very striking and technical aesthetics, both have a chronograph function (and by god does the Monaco take the cake with that), however breitling undeniably has a far more prestigious brand identity.

I’ll give that link a browse, but I definitely think more saving is in order!

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